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Liar: You can’t hide your lies Mamata Banerjee, army releases letter

West Bengal, Army: Didi is angry, Kejriwal is upset and Rahul baba is confused. Didi became angry because she thought of army coup has been raised in West Bengal. In response to her allegations, The Indian Army released letter today in TOI to show its proof about what it was actually doing. 

Mamata remained in the State secretariat, Nabanna for more than 29 hours, in order to protest for her assumptions. Even though Army personnel’s had left toll plaza near Secretariat, Mamata was their to show people that she is in angry mood.

 The proofs given by Indian Army has proved West Bengal's Didi as a Lier. She has been allegating that her Trinamool government was unaware of the decision. Something which makes us laugh after watching the proof's given by our Indian Army. 

Laughable: Wow you just prevented your kingdom from being captured by foreign threat, Mamta Banerjee

The concerned authorities in the West Bengal government were informed about the deployment at toll plaza. It proves that the letter was received by the officers and is in contradiction with Mamata's claims that the Army had been deployed at toll booths across the state as vengeance for Trinamool Congress's opposition to demonetisation.





 Letter From TOI

 The letters came soon after the Army's officiating GoC of Bengal area, Major Gen Sunil Yadav held a press conference on the matter and revealed that all necessary departments had been informed and necessary permissions were taken before the deployment. He had also stated that all this had been done on November 24, a week before the exercise.

Today, In the Lok Sabha, defence minister Manmohar Parrikar termed it a "routine exercise not unique to West Bengal", saying that similar operations to collect information on heavy vehicle movement that can be used during national emergencies had last month being conducted in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand.

"It was very unfortunate that Army has been dragged into an unnecessary controversy," Parrikar said. "It was political frustration rather than projection of correct situation."






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