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Sarabjit singh

SarabjitSingh, also known as Manjit Singh was born in Punjabi in 1963/1964 – 2 May 2013, Sarabjit used to live at village Bhikhiwind in the district of Tarn Taran in the Indian state of Punjab.He has two daughters, spouse Sukh Prit Kaur and a sister.

Charges on sarabjit singh

 He was tried and convicted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for a series of bomb attacks in Lahore and Faisalabad that killed 14 bystanders,   When the Pakistani border force caught him at that time he was married and a family with two daughters. . He was convicted for his alleged involvement in 1990 serial bomb blasts in Lahore and Multan that killed 14 people. but the sentence was repeatedly postponed by the Government of Pakistan.[8] Five of his mercy petitions were rejected by the courts and the President of Pakistan,  .He has been given death sentence, but on April 29, 2008, his hanging was deferred for 21 days.

Sarabjit’s verdict

 Sarabjit says that he is a cultivator and sufferer of wrong identification. He strayed into border of Pakistan from his town on the boundary, three several weeks after the bombings. Sarabjit stated that he was a bad cultivator who was intoxicated and had strayed off the boundary. The protection causes had caught him in an intoxicated state, as a case of wrong identification.

 The misunderstanding over the discharge of Surjeet Singh instead of Sarabjit Singh.        

He was given loss of life phrase in the year of 1991, but his clinging was regularly delayed. He is caught in the Kot Lakhpat prison since the year of 1990. So far, five whim applications have been registered on his part, in which Sarabjit preserves that he has experienced 20 years of prison for a criminal activity he never dedicated. On June 26, 2012, it was revealed that Pakistan's Chief executive had requested his launch after the case was registered on 28th of May a few several weeks ago. However, after five hours, this excuse was suspended and it was stated that another hostage Surjeet Singh was launched not Sarabjit.

The misunderstanding over the discharge of Surjeet Singh instead of Sarabjit Singh has been shown to be a worldwide discomfort for Pakistan government

He was originally arrested for unlawfully traversing the India-Pakistani boundary. However, after eight days, Pakistani cops suggested as a factor him in the enemy bombings. The Pakistani government bodies stated he was Manjit Singh, accountable for the sequence of 4 explosions in Faisalabad and Lahore in the year of  1990 in which 14 people were murdered, three several weeks prior to Sarabjit's cops arrest. It was stated that he was caught while coming back into Native India after undertaking the bombings. He was charged of working for Indian spy and was considered as an enemy in Pakistan. He was found guilty of neighbors and holding the explosive device explosions and was passed loss of life charge.

Opinion of family members

 Sarabjit Singh is all family members declare he is only a cultivator who was captured after he strayed across the Pakistani boundary from his north frontier neighborhood of Bhikhiwind in Punjab condition while intoxicated in the year of 1990. His spouse Sukh Prit Kaur, a citizen of Bhikhiwind town of region Tarantaran, stated he remaining to plough his areas near Wagah Border on Aug 28, in the year of 1990, but never came back. She said the household released a look for but could not discover any hint to his location for nine several weeks and lastly they obtained a mail from Sarabjit showing them that he was captured by Pakistani border forces causes when he incorrectly surpassed the boundary under the impact of alcoholic beverages.

 On 1 May 2013 he was declared brain dead by doctors at the Jinnah Hospital, Lahore but Pakistani authorities refused to give a statement. His sister and family returned to India. His sister said that the doctors attending to his brother were not being honest with them and she suspected foul play. She also remarked to having seen ink on his left thumb and that the Pakistani doctors had been evading questions.

Last Journey

On 2 May 2013, he was reported to have died at 12:45 am local time in Lahore, when he was removed from the ventilator support after his condition worsened towards the middle of the night. His body was brought to India by a special aircraft the same evening.The mortal remains of Sarabjit Singh, which were brought to his village 23 years after he inadvertently crossed over to Pakistan, were consigned to flames with state honou