Minority Appeasement: Is Rahul is following the footsteps of Kejriwal


Minority Appeasement: Is Rahul is following the footsteps of Kejriwal

Immediately after Kejriwal took over the suicide issue of Ram Kishan personal, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was the next to comment and take advantage of the OROP issue .

However when pictures of him seen smiling while taking up this issue there was twitter buzz created a lot and people questioning on his serious ness.


Both Gandhi and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal were not allowed to enter the Ram Monahar Lohia Hospital, where Grewal's body had been kept.

Later, Gandhi caught the attention of social media for an entirely different reason.

Photographs showed Gandhi speaking over the phone and smiling during Grewal's cremation.

In one of the video's being shown, looked like he was not even sure who died


Twitter went berserk, calling him 'two-faced' and saying that he was politicising an unfortunate event for personal gains.


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