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Mumbai Police uses card swipe machine for different types of traffic violations

The demonetisation-induced cash crunch starts biting hard, across Bangalore and all other places in India. Especially in Bangalore the traffic police are less to find now in comparison to before demonetisation.

Setting an example the Mumbai Traffic Police seem to have rise to the occasion quickly. They are now in full form and have started using their e-challan facility to charge the traffic violators.

Traffic Police  can seen with card swipe machine and a portable printer, cops now cut you an e-challan for different types of traffic violations.  .

Traffic Violations

You pay the fine on the spot using your debit or credit card. You also get a receipt in return. Clearly, there is no question of bribes as the cash exchange is on record, clearly this will reduce entire bribe, sometimes people pay to get away easily .

In case you don’t have a card still, you get an e-challan. You can pay the fine at select police stations or Vodafone stores.

Salute the Mumbai Traffic Police are leading the way, to show other police across India as example.

Source: firstpost.com