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Nagrota Martyrs: We salute our Indian soldiers and remembering their names

Often it is not a just a loss, but a pain which enters our heart, which don’t know how to go out, when we know this individuals had a great family as well. Many people only see them as a martyr, but there is much more than this, their family, their Childs, wife, brothers and sisters.  We as a nation must stand by our Indian soldiers and just like PM Narendra Modi, when he said in one of the Maan ki baat, when we see a soldier passing by we should just stand from our place and give them respect. Truly they all need.

I know many Indians don’t have time, for all this but still can we just remember the names of our soldiers who scarified their lives for all of India.

Maj Gosavi Kunal Mannadir, Maj Akshay Girish Kumar, Hav Sukhraj Singh, Nik Chittranjan, Link Kadam, Sambhaji Yeshwanro, Gdr Ragavendra Singh, Rfn Asin Rai

The incident happened on Tuesday 29th Nov, when Terrorist disguised as Indian personals entered the Indian Army camp Nagrota; they threw grenades and fired indiscriminately. This led to the martyr of our seven brave soldiars.

Four army men died in the initial engagement. Para commandos were deployed when the terrorists took 16 people hostage, including two women and two children. "The later casualties happened trying to ensure that hostages were rescued unharmed,"

Major Akshay Girish Kumar was the son of IAF pilot, Girish Kumar. According to the Indian Express, an alumnus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, Major Kumar, 31, had always been vocal about issues regarding the armed forces, be it OROP. He was a man who always used to smile.

Major Kumar had married his friend Sangeeta Ravindran four years ago and they have a daughter who is three years old.

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Major Gosavi Kunal Mannadir also lost his life in the Nagrota attack. According to the Indian Express, Major Mannadir, 32, had just returned to Jammu with his wife Uma and their three-year old daughter, Umang, after a month's leave. He had reported back on Monday, a day before the attack. Major Mannadir joined the Army in 2006.

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Major Gosavi Kunal Mannadir is survived by his wife, daughter, parents and two brothers.



Nagrota attack: India loses its best seven precious lives, 16 prevented taking hostages