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Office of RG: the official account of Rahul Gandhi hacked and abused

New Delhi, Rahul Gandhi: The official account of Rahul Gandhi was hacked today and several tweets, highly tweeted from his account. From office of RG it was changed to Office of Retard Gen.

Some really bad tweets were posted at around 8:45 Pm in the evening on 30th November and these tweets were deleted soon after even.

The tweets said

I am the messiah

I have come to save the great Bharat hands of congi fucktards

I think I’m smart, but in reality I have brains of five years old!

I shall meow till my last day!

Since I can’t really rawr.

I am a noteworthy fucking faggot

My corrupt fucking family should burn to shreads…


Randeep S surejewala sharpened his attack on the government after the hacking incident on Rahul Gandhi’s account.

He says

Hacking of@OfficeofRG proves lack of Digital safety around each one of us. Every digital info can be accessed, altered, morphed & modified.



Such unscrupulous,unethical&roguish conduct of venal trolls 2hack @OfficeOfRG reflects disturbing insecurities of prevalent fascist culture


It is still unknown who hacked his account and waht was the purpose of abousing rahul gandhi.