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Oh my God Delhi wale: 399 new liquor licenses given by AAP says yogendra yadav

Swaraj Abhiyan, Headed by yogendra yadav has now raised serious question against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal for concealing the truth on distribution of new liquor licenses after coming to power.

Yogendra Yadav, has challenged Arvind Kejriwal to tell the truth in public about the issuance of 399 new liquor licenses in the national capital by the state government. He has also demanded a public apology from the party.

In a number of tweets yogendra yaday questioned the the Arvind Kejriwal AAP led party









In a scathing letter written to the CM on Tuesday, Yadav has questioned the Delhi government about reasons for concealing information from the public regarding liquor licenses given to shops and restaurants.

As got from scribed, https://www.scribd.com/document/322553436/Yogendra-Yadav-Letter-to-Arvind-Kejriwal-on-399-New-Liquor-Shops#from_embed, below is the letter.

Your government has repeatedly claimed that AAP government has issued only six new licenses for liquor after coming to power. When Swaraj Abhiyan released different RTIs showing figures ranging from 58 to 217 new licenses, your Deputy CM claimed this was a lie…Since you have questioned us, I am constrained to respond with this challenge. I am releasing a list of 399 new licenses that AAP government has issued to liquor vends/stores and restaurants etc. It means that your government was working hard to issue almost one license every day!” Yadav has written in his letter to the CM.

Yadav has asked Kejriwal to offer an apology to the people of Delhi for the government’s failure in keeping with its promises while seeking replies to four questions.

The four questions posed to Delhi CM by Yadav are:

  1. Why is the government led by RTI activists concealing information from the public?
    2. Why did the government that came to power on the promise of Nashamukti increased the supply of liquor?
    3. Why did the government that promised swaraj not conforming to the existing rules of consulting local public before issuing a license?
    4. Why did the AAP government not use even one crore of the 3589 crore earned from liquor for de-addiction?

You must be very busy. But hope you would find time to get this list checked and respond to this challenge. If I do not hear from you for 72 hours (till mid-day of 2nd September), I would assume that your government accepts the veracity of the list released by us

With Swaraj Grretings,

Yogendra Yadav

What does Delhi’s Excise law states: the government has to seek approval from local residents prior to opening a liquor shop in a locality.