Old Video OM Swami, Threaten to Kill Kejriwal, We killed Gandhi


OM Swami: No doubt, Om Swami was the most controversial and hated contestant in the Bigg Boss 10 and his removal from the show gave a relief to all the contestants.

Since the time Swami has been kicked out of the show, various videos of his has surfaced online, in which he is seen abusing Salman and other contestants.

It is really funny to see a person of his age talking insane for the celebrity, Mahatama Gandhi and Kejriwal in the old video.

He called Salman Khan an ISI agent and also made false claims of slapping him. Strange Baba.

Once again an old video of his has surfaced online; Om Swami threatens to kill Kejriwal. During Delhi Assembly Elections 2015, He said that he is from an independent political party ,Hindu Mahasabha Party.

he said that he supports BJP and PM Narendra Modi has asked him to campaign for the BJP party. When the reporter asked him as to who will win, He said that in the past, many members voted for Congress or AAP by mistake, this time they will vote BJP and.

Swami Om says we killed Mahatma Gandhi, even Kejriwal will be killed.

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