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PM who cannot talk decent for other prime ministers. He should learn, Rahul G

Uttarakhand Rahul Gandhi: The Congress Vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday attacked the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he is the first Prime Minister who cannot talk decently about his predecessors.

Mr. Gandhi said at a rally in Uttarakhand "I think Modi is the first PM who cannot talk decent for other prime ministers. He should learn".

Connecting it from Manmohan Singh to every other person he condemned the rain coat remark and said it was not just for former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh but for every person of the country.

Analysis: the Current generation of all the politicians are doing this all the same, they are connecting everything to the common public  in India. If you see kejriwal especially he has this art best to play with just make the common public believe like it has happened to him.

Rahul Gandhi says "When Modi ji says such things about Manmohan ji, he is not saying just about him but for every person of the country. Whatever it be, Dr. Manmohan was country's prime minister. He was India's prime minister,"

Gandhi says further Narendra Modi enjoys coming in news and The day he is not in news, he is unable to sleep that night.

The Congress vice-president's sarcastic remarks comes just after a day after his party staged a walkout from the Rajya Sabha

Earliar Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh, accusing him of letting corruption run free under his nose but managing to steer clear of any charges. He said the Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh knows art of taking bath wearing raincoat, Modi

Mr Modi said this in comparison to various scams happened under Dr. Manmohan Singh like 2G, 3G Coal Scam and many person were accused yet Manmohan was free and even he was unable to have check of this being the Prime Minster of India and all the scams happened under his belt.