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Quantico to be aired from 23 Jan, Priyanka Chopra hospitalised

Quantico, Priyanka Chopra: In a minor Accident as reported on the sets of Quantico when Indian actress Priyanka Chopra got hurt and was taken to the hospital here.

There was a twitter update from team Priyanka “Yes, we can confirm there was a minor incident last night on set. Priyanka was immediately taken to the hospital, examined by a doctor and released. She is resting comfortable at home on doctor’s order, and will return to work after the weekend”.

As per reports she slipped and fell on her head while performing a stunt during the filming of the show on Thursday.

The new version of the Quantico is going to be aired from Jan 23,

Priyanka was immediately taken to the hospital. The Quantico actress was examined and treated at the emergency room before she got discharged a few hours later. Priyanka is now resting at home.