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Rahul G excellent oratory skill helping congress more than before

Uttar Pradesh, Sitapur: Once again taking hitting hard on Modi, Rahul Gandhi makes excellent motive behind the demonetisation, he says the demonetisation as a tool to waive of loans worth crores for some 50 rich families and it is not for the sake of removing black money as projected by the PM.

Rahul further claimed that the Swiss bank have given in the names of the Swiss account holders. Why he has not yet revealed the name, I ask the PM to reveal those names in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Why have you kept those names away from us?

Rahul G says “ninety four percent of the India’s black money is in the real estate market, lands and Swiss banks. Six percent of the black money is in the form of cash and PM knows that well, but he did not attack the 94 percent. He is not attacking those 50 families and only god knows why he attacked on the cash and attacked the common man, farmers and the labourers of the nation”.

Rahul Claimed the entire fiasco as planned by Modi, the demonetisation is to help those 50 families to clear of their loan worth 6 lakh crores and those 50 families are helping Modi over marketing and Personal Relation.

Rahul says to the people you deposited your money in the banks and on that money their loans would be used by Modi. The sole aim of demonetisaion was to hold your money in the banks for a longest period of time, otherwise what can be explained of the limit of Rs 24000 on your transactions. The public money would be used to fuel the jets of those 50 odd families.