Rahul Gandhi twitter account confusion, so many to follow


New Delhi: Unlike Narendra Modi, the Congress Vice president is not that famous in networking sites, especially in twitter. For the Congress Icon there are many twitter profile running and this has often become misleading for many true followers of Rahul Gandhi, they are confused with which is the actual account of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi Twitter 1: Rahul Gandhi’s first account is in the name of Office of RGVerified account@OfficeOfRG and as the name suggest it looks like this account is not maintained by Rahul, but by the Congress party. The name is little misleading Office of RG. The Profile picture here looks like not changed for ages.

The account has only 3,079 tweets and 78 following; it has 2.32 million followers and only 4 likes. This account is also not properly maintained with only limited number of tweets. truly not expected from the grand old party, which knows the importance of social media.

Rahul Gandhi Twitter 2: There is another account in the name of Rahul Gandhi, but it is a fake in the name of Rahul Gandhi. The account is also named after Rahul Gandhi himself and the creator has mentioned the account as Parody account of Rahul Gandhi. The account is Rahul Gandhi@RahuIGandhi it has 200 tweets and 3 followingand 17.7 k followers.

The person who has created this account has posted someabsurd message in the name of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi twitter 3: yet there is another account RahulGandhi@office0ffRG. Again this looks like not the real account of Rahul Gandhi. The account holder has tried to replicate the orginal account of Rahul Gandhi. OfficeofRG with OfficeoffRg, look at the extra letter in off in the above account.

Again the account has 18.1 K tweets and 62 following and 13.6K followers and 3,333 likes. This account does not do anything to prove anything for being a Rahul Gandhi account. So another fake account of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress Vice president.

Rahul Gandhi twitter 4: another twitter account RahulGandhi@RahulGandhi This account boosts This account's Tweets are protected.
Only confirmed followers have access to @RahulGandhi's Tweets and complete profile. Click the "Follow" button to send a follow request.

Rahul Gandhi twitter 5: Another twitter account being run by Rahul Gandhi followers and fan. RAHUL GANDHI FN@BeWithRG

The comments mentioned in the tweet about us section is
This Handle is run by Fans & Followers of Rahul Gandhi. He Believes In The Growth Of Individuals With A Strong Focus On Common People With The Nation. @withRG

Rahul Gandhi twitter 6: Another twitter account yet for Rahul Gandhi, named as ROFLin Gandhi@RahulDumbGandhiMama's Dumb Amul Boy who never grows up !!!! Absolutely Imaginary.

Likewise there are many other account running in the name of Rahul Gandhi and mostly trying to demote his value,Yet there not action taken against those persons who are freely operating the Accounts in the name of Rahul Gandhi.

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