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Rajasthan High Court true to his heart says declare cow as national animal

Jaipur: The Rajasthan High Court on Wednesday (May 31) directed the state government to take necessary steps to declare cow as a national animal in coordination with the central government. Headed by a single bench of Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma also appointed the Chief Secretary and Advocate General of the State as the legal guardian of the cow. After retiring today (Wednesday, May 31) the judge, said that his decision on this matter is "the voice of the soul" and Killing cow is the heinous crime.

In his 145-page order, he said, "Nepal is a Hindu nation and has declared cow a national animal." India is a predominantly agriculturist country which is based on animal husbandry. According to Article 48 and 51A (g), it is expected from the state government that it should take steps for the legal identification of cow in this country. "The article of the Constitution says that the state should take steps to prohibit slaughter of calves and other milk producing cattleā€™s. Article 51A (g) talks about the preservation of natural environment and the compassion for living beings.

The judge said in his order, "It is expected from the government that it should declare cow as a national animal and for this purpose the Chief Secretary and Advocate General of the state is declared the legal guardian of the cows." The court has declared this instruction during the hearing of the Hingonia Gaushala case. Last year more than 100 cows died in the official cowshed in Jaipur. The bench has also given the freedom to file a public interest petition in the court to declare any person or group of people to declare cow as a national animal.

This direction has come at a time when many states are opposing the decision of the central government to ban the livestock for commercial use. The Madras High Court has stayed the notification of the Central Government in this case for four weeks. Speaking to the journalists outside the court after issuing the order, Justice Sharma also presented a special theory of association of the peacocks as well.

In the context of his decision, he said, 'Peacock also has its own merit. It lives a lifetime without getting married. She does not have sex with the peacock. The female Peacock is pregnant with peacock tears. Then a male peacock or a female peacock is born, Lord Krishna used peacock feathers for to depict brahmacharya. 'Justice Sharma, giving more information about his decision on national animal status, said,' the rise of law Due to religion. Religion has not come from the law.'