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UP Election 2017: The verbal and muscle fight between the Akhilesh and his father has led to a speculation that a leader might emerge out of this. A Diamond may finally come out of this intense political pressure game and he can dictate the UP politics for the next 20 years at least. If this could have affected the UP election in 2012 when the Samajwadi came up with the proposal as Yadav for CM ( Akhilesh Singh Yadav) and Yadav for PM ( Mulayam Singh Yadav), it could affect again in 2017 and Akhilesh can be the real game changer in the UP election with or without support if his father. He can be the person who can rule the state for the next 20 years.

Let’s see what can make him the next Boss of Uttar Pradesh and why he is best for the CM post in UP 2017.

1. Akhilesh Made it for Samajwadi Party in 2014: In 2009 when the congress was brilliant and looked like it could sweep the 2014 and BJP did not convinced much that if it would make it to the highest. However things started to change quickly after that. The First one was the 2010 CWG scam that hit hard the congress party and slowly several other scams like the 2G, 3G , Coal Scam followed one after another. It was then when the Samajwadi Party came up in the Plan A and Plan B. Plan A was to make Akhilesh as the UP CM and Plan B as the Mulayam Singh Yadav as the PM of India.

Yadav (Akhilesh) for CM and Yadav for (Mulayam) PM.
The Plan A was a success; however Plan B was a great failure. Modi swept the 2014 general Election with very high mandate.

Akhilesh not only won the heart of the people of the state with a series of state wide Cycle yatra and he stormed to the power. He got success in winning the election for the post of UP CM.

Next was Mulayam Singh to prove for his Prime Ministerial position. He assumed that Modi being communal would not make it to the highest position and getting 60-70 seats in UP for Samajwadi Party could make him the next deciding point in the Dream to run for the post of the PM. However they could bag only 5 Lok Sabha in the UP elections. Once he failed he started looking back again to get back to the top position in the UP election and then the escalation of fights happened and this led to the current situation/crisis and fight between the Father and Son.

2. Akhilesh has been a success: There were many schemes under the Akhilesh government where he delivered as he said. He started with the distribution of free laptops, which was big change for the Samajwadi party, a big changed from SP old guard stance who were opposed to computer and English, during Mulayam Singh Yadav regime. Akhilesh was more accessible than any other leaders like the Mayawati or any other BJP party leaders.

He launched the flagship Unemployment Allowance for youth. The beneficiaries were given cheques of Rs 1000 each by the state government.

3. More cordial to opposition parties: Akhilesh Yadav has something different in him then his father. For him political parties like BSP, BJP looks like just another party. He has always tried to strike a cordial working relationship with other political parties. So now if he makes an alliance with congress or any other party it would not be a big deal.

4. Side lining Amar Singh, Mulayam Singh and Shivpal Yadav: While Mulayam Singh is a big stalwart in UP, he could never make it outside as a leader. It was leaders like Amar Singh who made him stand on nation level, Brother Shiv Pal Yadav who contributed o his growth in Uttar Pradesh. And now since these two leaders are marginalized in the UP politics, they could not help Mulayam much for retaining the power in UP upcoming election.

Akhilesh and Amar Singh hate each other.
Only a month to go for the elections and not much preparation from both this father and sons, it will be the persons who prepares in the last night of the exam is going to emerge as a leader. Akhilesh looks be a big bet now for the outsider like congress to support him for the post of CM of UP in 2017.

Mulayam has realized very late that Akhilesh might not help him in his national ambitions and that’s why he got back Amar Singh at the cost of antagonizing his own son.

5. Azam Khan a man of his own: Though Mulayam relied on National level politics, he yet relied on another political leader like Azam Khan for the Muslim Vote bank. But now since Akhilesh seen as the symbol of development in the state election. It would make Azam Khan much reliable for him to join the Akhilesh camp. He is seen more of a peacemaker and a person from the Old guards who might still not be comfortable with Akhilesh Yadav.

So Akhilesh is slowly and steadily building a team of his own where the old guards are losing their place and power because of his growing stature in the state. The way the things are moving in UP it would not be wrong to say that Akhilesh if he gets to the front seat in UP this election it would be tough to find his replacement for the next 15 to 20 years.

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