ROAD ACCIDENTS IN INDIA – 2016, complete report analysis


New Delhi: Statistics of Road Accidents in India based in different scenario like total accidents, two wheeler, 4 wheeler, where, how and when the accidents happened, know complete statistics

ROAD ACCIDENTS IN INDIA – 2016, complete report

1. Road Accidents : A Snapshot

2. Road Accident Parameters and  Change over  the  Previous Year

3. Age Group of Victims of Road Accidents - 2016

4. Percentage Share of Road Accidents, Person Killed and Injured on different type of Roads in 2016

5. 86.5% of total number of Road Accidents accounted by 13 States (2016)

6. 83.7% of total number of Persons Killed in Road Accidents accounted by 13 States(2016)

7. 87.8% of total number of Persons Injured in Road Accidents accounted by 13 States(2016)

8. Share of Top 5 States (in percentage) in Total Number  of Road Accidents & Fatalities: 2016

9. Inter-City Comparison(2016)  (50 cities with a million plus population)

10. Cities with Higher Road Accidents – 2016

11. Accidents based on the Age of Vehicles (in percentages) : 2016


12. Accidents according to Vehicular Defect: 2016

13. Accidents based on the Age of Vechicles (In percentage): 2016


14. Accidents according to Road conditions/ features: 2016

15. Accidents according Age of Drivers: 2016 

16. Accidents according to educational qualifications of Drivers: 2016

17. Vulnerable Road Users (2016)

18. Type of Licence and Road Accidents: 2016


19. Locations with Higher Accidents: 2016


20. Multi-causal Nature of Road Accident

21. Factors responsible for Road Accidents as reported by States/U.Ts : 2016

22. DriversFault- Main factor responsible for accidents: 2016

23. Responsibilities of Drivers: 2016

24. Other Parameters of Road Accidents: 2016

25. Accidents at Junctions: 2016

26. Use of Safety Devices: 2016

27. Improving Road Accident Database

28. Government Initiatives

29. Recent Measures taken by MoRTH


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