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BENGALURU: Prodded by the Kannada Development Authority and faced with a barrage of protests by Kannada outfits, chief minister Siddaramaiah asked the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC) on Friday to drop Hindi from its signs collectively, especially commercial or public display signs.. 

This means only Kannada and English will be on all signboards.

The Karnataka Congress chief minister have also written to the centre telling three language format could have opposite of the desired effect.

However amid the protest over signboards in Karnataka, BMRC has been still using the Hindi language on the sign board saying it was operating as per the instruction from the centre.

Protests against the three-language based formula and the use of Hindi by the Bengaluru Metro have gained traction on social media campaign like "Our Metro, We don't want Hindi".

One question has come to many of the people who are from outside the state why don’t you ban English as well.

So does it mean that Karnataka has a problem with Hindi written on the metro station, you can kindly wipe those cards? In the same sense, why don’t you remove English as well, because that also is not your cultural language? But again...I Forgot, you can’t remove English because if you do so then no foreign companies will invest in Bangalore, so it is all a money game.

We don’t understand why there is so much hype over Hindi language. If people you think Hindi is outside language, than you can also oppose of English as well. Hindi has been printed on metro from the time it launched. Why all of sudden? Is it due to elections are coming near? If removing Hindi from metro will make feel people happy, then government should take this move. Is it really practical to remove all hindi from Karnataka. Can government take a step and remove all multi-plexus to show hindi movies? Can Government ban all hindi speaking people from entering Karnataka? Can government stop tourists from north India from entering here? I guess no.

If government takes this step of removing names from metro, then we fear that next step would to remove it from other places and other questions which I have pointed above might turn into reality. We can recommend that instead of removing names from metro, create some social awareness programs. Please allocate special budget for kannada movies, so that more and more people can learn kannada. Increase state tourism and invite people to tell them more and more about Karnataka.

We should always respect the language spoken in any state of India. Be it Kannada or Tamil or Telgu. There are many people who stay in Karnataka but do not understand Kannada or the cultural heritage of this city. So, it is advised and requested for everyone who stays here should learn local language. In that way you can gain respect of people and better understand each other. This can also help in saving the cultural heritage of Kannadigas.


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