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It has happened that people often say of Pakistan zindabad on the roads, however a MLA of the Oma Abdulla has done this in the Jammu and Kashmir assemble by raising the slogan “Pakistan Zindabad”.

This has happened on the same day when the terrorists,, sponsored by the Pakistan attacked in the Sunjuwan army camp, the shameless politician from the National Congress party have chanted slogans praising Pakistan.

When the republic TV questioned Aknbar Lonne, he defended himself by questioning the Indian army’s action against terrorists. He said “Yes I said it. Why does it bother you? It shouldn’t bother you. This is my opinion. This is my personal view. I said it in the house, and it will say it in front of you as well… It shouldn’t bother you.”

Watch the link on the Republic TV news below

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao confronted Omar Abdullah over not expelling the MLA, writing:” OmarAbdullah Please stop this drama. Your insistence on not saying (doing) anything more says it all. You are backing your MLA for his Pro-Pak rants. Expel MLA from party NOW! Try & redeem your party from this MLA's rants and your Dad's provocative recent statements on Kashmir!”

To which Omar Abdulla replied “You let us worry about the MLA. You on the other hand should be begging forgiveness of the nation for your abject mishandling of J&K over the last few years both at the Centre & with your coalition partner. https://twitter.com/gvlnrao

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