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5 Indian soldiers, AK Antony, Defence Minister, Minister fight in assembly soldiers die, Minister fights in Rajya sabha

New Delhi: Defence Minister of India Mr. A.K.Antony said that soldiers are dying on border and ministers are fighting in the Assembly. He said this in the monsoon parliamentary session. Yesterday 5 Indian soldiers were killed by Pakistani soldiers. In a ceasefire violation incidence, Pakistani soldiers crossed the border and killed 5 indian soldiers in the Poonch area. Still there is huge fire exchange on the border areas in the URI sector. No casualties have been informed till now. The ceasefire violation continues by Pakistan. On the same time in the assembly the ministers continue to fight and continue the blame game. After the statement given by the Defence Minister of India, BJP minister Shushma Swaraj said that, Mr Antony has given a clean cheat to Pakistan and have started blaming ministers of our country. BJP demanded an apology from the Defence Minister. BJP also said that Antony's statement is most laugable. Clearly the situation looks very bad on the border of our country. And death of 5 Jawans is a very big loss. Instead of taking some preventive measures from the central government, such step is not acceptable. The Indian army is on high alert and taking all the major steps so that any further infiltrations do not occur.