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India, Mumbai: Sridevi's death took place between 11 and 11.30 on the night of 24th February. Initially, it was said she died of a cardiac arrest. Then around 40 hours later after his death on February 26, the autopsy and forensic report came. According to which, Sridevi died due to drowning in the bathtub. There was no mention of the cardiac arrest anywhere in this report. Dubai's media said that Sridevi has not received a cardiac arrest. It does not mean that she was murdered or done. As people are spreading rumors in many places on social media

'Fainted and fell in the bathtub, no cardiac arrest'

According to the Dubai newspaper Khaleej Times, fragments of alcohol were found in Sridevi's blood. It has also been written by another Dubai newspaper 'Gulf News'. However there is not in the autopsy report. These newspapers initially wrote about the statements of the cardiac arrest of the Dubai police sources. But then both newspapers refused the cardiac arrest. According to them, Sridevi became unconscious in the bathroom. She then fell into the bathtub. She died after drowning in it. She did not had cardiac arrest. No heart attacks came either. The Dubai Police has also not mentioned the cardiac arrest in the cause of death. According to them, death came from accidental drawing, that meansshe was unconscious before drowning.

Taking medicines for appetite

Gulf News has written that after finishing english vinglish in 2012, Sridevi had done many cosmic operations. According to the newspaper, Sridevi had conducted nearly 29 surgeries to further her beauty. Some faces. Some of the nose Some of the lips The newspaper has also written that she was treating this from a plastic surgeon in California and was probably eating medicines to increase appetite and metabolism. Gulf News has told doctors that if alcohol is taken with such medicines, it can be fatal. Because of these, heartbeat may be irregular. The Heart Beat may be too fast or too low. Due to this, a man can become unconscious. And maybe this happened to Sridevi as well. Perhaps at the time when she went to the bathroom to get ready for dinner, at the same time she got the fainting spell and she fell unconscious and fell into the bathtub. The water was filled in the bathtub and she died due to drowning.

What does the law do on such deaths in Dubai?

According to the law of Dubai, there is postmortem and forensic examination after such accidental deaths. After this, if all was well, that means nothing is worth the doubt, the body of the deceased person is handed over to his family or relatives. Once the green signal has been received by the Dubai administration, the corpse will be sent for coating. Applying the coating takes about 90 minutes. After this the police will issue a death certificate. Then the Indian Embassy will cancel the passport of the dead person. The Immigration Department will complete the official process.

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