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The ongoing Corona pandemic for the last one and a half years has disturbed the life of almost every person in the country, lakhs of people have lost their jobs, many people have lost their families and many depressed and ended their lives. Due to the lockdown leading to the closure of small-scale industries, the condition of the lower middle class and poor families is very pathetic today, the worst situation for daily wage labourers, many of them are not getting even one meal a day. While the government is trying to provide all possible help to these people, many NGOs are also trying to help these people, among them is the NGO Sukrit Foundation, which is constantly working, helping and struggling out on the problem of people in the Corona period. When Corona started in the last year 2020, Sukrit Foundation had distributed sanitiser, masks and soaps among the villagers adjacent to Silli, Muri, Gola and Patratu and also launched an awareness campaign on how to avoid the corona epidemic.

When the complete lockdown was imposed, two free kitchens were started for a month in two places, so that the poorest of the poor got free food and they did not face the problem of starvation, the migrant labourers who had run out of money and food items. We provided free shoes and slippers to migrant labourers who were coming from Punjab and Maharashtra and moving to West Bengal. Had taken the responsibility of two orphanages for three months during the Corona period, distributed fruits, sweets, clothes and blankets. Provided free book copies to meritorious students of extremely backward classes in Patratu, Gola and Silli areas in 2021. Worked to provide beds when hospitals were full, then this effort was provided at the Block level hospitals. Also had arranged breakfast.

To take forward the vaccination campaign of the government, through pamphlets in many villages, spreading the use of vaccination, as well as their workers, went from house to house and communicated about the benefits of vaccinating people, distribution of juice, biscuits at vaccination centres. In the coming time, efforts are being made to work for the poor meritorious students who are very smart in studies and always get first place in their class with good marks. Today, due to Corona, his studies are stopped, he has no facility to do online classes, efforts are being made to give him a basic smartphone, so that his studies are not interrupted, in this way more help works Going to get some help to the most backward poor Sukrit Foundation family humbly requests all of you brothers and sisters, do some help in our help work, the foundation has only limited resources, from which only a few people can be helped, many people come to us but due to lack of resources.

Therefore, all of you are requested to provide some help and cooperation according to your wish so that those poor people who are very helpless in front of the situation and there is no one to support them. It is a humble request to all of you brothers and sisters, to try to give more support to Sukrit Foundation once and in this time we have only one objective, to reach the right help among the very needy people, this is our effort. Please keep sharing this message and all effort and support will help the needy at this crucial pandemic time. In the end, many thanks to all of you brothers and sisters, who gave you valuable time of your life to read this post, for this Sukrit Foundation will be grateful to you, if possible, then definitely share this post with all your friends.

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