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India: During the short monsoon session of Parliament in the midst of the COVID epidemic, the NDA government unexpectedly passed more bills and set a new record of parliamentary functioning. These bills cleared the way for much needed agricultural and labour reforms. The session will also be known for the fact that during this period there was a lot of uproar in the Rajya Sabha and due to this eight opposition MPs were suspended. The suspension of these MPs was because they had disrespected the Deputy Speaker, tore the rule book, broke the mic and shouted slogans on the table. They also refused to obey the suspension order and then sat on dharna in the Parliament complex, in order to identify as a victim. In this session of the Parliament which ended prematurely, the Congress and some other opposition parties raised the most objection to the agrarian reform bills. This objection is bizarre because at one time the Congress itself, through its manifesto, promised to do what the Modi government had done. The purpose of this U-turn is to trick the farmers and create a political gain.  

In Punjab, the Congress has pushed the agricultural bills so much that the Shiromani Akali Dal came under pressure and quitted the alliance with BJP. 

In Punjab, the Congress raised the issue so much that the BJP's ally Shiromani Akali Dal came under pressure and asked Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur to resign, while Sukhbir Singh Badal first upheld these bills and Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh They were accused of misleading the farmers. Seeing the Akali Dal under pressure, Congress began to mislead the farmers' organizations in Punjab and Haryana, which were sceptical about agricultural bills under the influence of the middlemen and middlemen. Along with this, he also adopted sharp remarks in Parliament. The result of these tensions was seen as indecent conduct of opposition in Rajya Sabha. The Congress and other opposition parties are opposing the Agricultural Bills despite knowing that the farmers were getting hurt in the old system of selling agricultural produce through mandis. Such politics of opposition suggests that congress and other political parties have become pointless. 

Congress takes the Muslim community on the streets in protest against CAA 

Unreasonable opposition from the Congress and some other opposition parties on the Citizenship Amendment Act was seen to have crossed their limits when they started taking the Muslim community on the streets. It was a result of the negative politics of Congress and other opposition parties that fierce riots broke out during the visit of US President Donald Trump to Delhi.  

Reduction in tax revenue from GST due to COVID 

Not only on agricultural bills, but the opposition also has not adopted the policy of protest in the name to protect people. It has done the same while implementation of GST as well. After the GST Act was enacted, the Centre had assured the states that if their tax revenue comes down, the Centre will compensate it for five years. At the time when this law was made, no one thought that the whole world would be hit by an epidemic and industries and businesses would come to a standstill for months. This is what led to COVID and due to this, the revenue from GST has decreased at the national level. If GST had not been implemented and the VAT system would have been in effect now, would the opposition-ruled states have said that the Centre should compensate for the reduction in its VAT revenue? 

Congress engaged in baseless propaganda against the government

 After all, what does it mean that the Congress and some other opposition-ruled states are adamant on rejecting the option that the Centre is providing them to compensate for the reduction in GST? Such an attitude of the opposition cannot be called positive. Since Congress is showing the most negativity, it is impacting other opposition parties as well.  It is also certain that there will be differences between the ruling and opposition on different subjects, but if the opposition adopts a positive attitude and instead indulges in baseless propaganda against it, then the government will also refuse to change its attitude. 
For the defence of national interest and for the betterment of democracy, the opposition along with the ruling party must be strong and positive, but today the Congress is only keeping the interest of the Gandhi family paramount. The Left parties have folded and the remaining regional parties, so they are taking a narrow view on issues of national importance. This is the reason for opposition to almost every decision, including of implementation of Hindi and New Education Policy in Tamil Nadu and the Central Government in Bengal. If the opposition does cheap politics instead of playing a positive role on issues of national importance, then it can neither do its own interest nor that of the public. The Congress has tried to unite the opposition many times, but it did not succeed due to its negative politics and blind Modi opposition. If Congress does not change its stand, it will weaken the rest of the opposition along with itself and it will not be beneficial for Indian democracy.

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