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The final journey of Jayalalithaa to peace and a good Bye from Chennai

Chennai, Final Good bye Jayalalithaa: The actress and the Empress and the graceful journey of Amma of Tamil Nadu was really worth to see and the people of Chennai thank you for your calmness

Below is a final GoodBye from a poet, Who is seeing from the eyes of the person who is Lying  on the hospital bed and is ready for his final journey and saying goodbye to the person standing next to him/her and Good bye to all whoever he/she knows.

The moon has stuck tonight and the night is whistling in chillness

You know someone is going to die, so keep looking to my still ness.

To love you I loved without hour, I was hour less

I love, I loved and loved you so much, now I am loveless

Going away leaving you in my heart, though it is meaning less

But I have, I will have to go to make my death, death less

(Pravin Kumar Pathak)

It was highly speculated that there would be riots and might be some high drama in Chennai and surrounding areas after the death of Amma. Even many multinational companies had shifted their critical resources from Chennai to different parts of India, so that their work is not hampered.

However the People of Chennai, showed grace and dignity in such a critical time, she was such a person on whose death, the Chief minister of 20 states came to give her a last good bye and take her final blessings. I have never seen this happening in my entire life said many whom we talked

Putting paid to the fears that there would be rioting and violence and that high rollers of emotion would lead to clashes in the city, the public was mature, well behaved and allowed the ceremony to be conducted the way it should be in a state funeral and the whole of the country watched it.

It was the first time when people were really silent, normally people would wail around and make a lot of drama, but this was a time when Amma was on her final journey to the marina beach, to MJR, the people stood silently to greet the empress of Chennai with graceful and silence in their heart and mind.

That the military took over the ceremonies added to the poignancy of the moment and the playing of the Last Post always brings a lump to the throat. As the sound of the bugles died away Marina Beach and the stretch that led to it projected its sorrow through the throng’s courtesy and respect, both of which were tangible, the sun went down on an era. The sun was settling down in the dusts and it looked like anera of the Amma politics have gone down.

There was no dispute and tension at the ceremony, no one from Jayalalithaa family had come forward o this occasion, Sasikala Natarajan was the only person before the journey and even after the journey (you can say from her family).

There was no pushing and shoving and all the concerns that people would kill themselves and that the city would burn were so totally misplaced that nothing can detract from this 24-hour cycle of exemplary conduct.

And if someone would have expected chaos must have been sorely disappointed.

From the arrangements at her home to the cortege and the procession to controlling crowds and making sure that law and order was maintained, the government of Tamil Nadu did their fallen soldier proud in her final journey.

This was the way Jayalalithaa would have liked, based on her persona and the way she lived, done in the same style that personified Jayalalithaa, it shows we have as a people come a long way. This was the right way to say magnificent goodbye by the people of Chennai and Tamilians and All the people who came to see her personally and those even who watched from the TV at different parts of India and the world

Even Jayalalithaa would have smiled and thought that the lessons in the discipline have taken in the mindset of the people of Chennai and she would be happy.