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The PM in waiting and president in waiting Lal Krishna Advani dreams

New Delhi: Politics is a serious business and currently it has become more heated. The presidential election is going to be done soon. National Democratic alliance (NDA) has declared Ramnath Kovind as the candidate for the post of President.

 After the declaration of NDA's candidate for the president’s post, the debate has again started on social media. LK Advani has once again been sidelined by BJP. People have sympathized with Advani on social media.

In this protest BJP workers have also been seen in two groups. BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha have said that Advani a better option for the President. LK Advani was earlier being considered for the race for the presidential post.

It is well known that Advani's dream was to become the first PM, then to become the country's highest post president. It was not just him, but after coming to power in the BJP, it seemed that the next president can be Advani only, however it did not come true, the PM in waiting and the President in waiting

But by making Ramnath Kovind as a president candidate, the NDA defeated the liking of the Advani supporters. It seems that now an era of Advani in BJP has ended. There was a time when both Advani was the main driving force in BJP.

 There is no doubt that Advani have a lot to contribution for reaching the BJP to the summit. Many BJP leaders have advanced in the leadership of Advani as well. Talking about the future of most BJP leaders, Advani has played the role of a mentor. One of these names is also Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After the Gujarat riots, Narendra Modi could have succeeded as Chief Minister of Gujarat only because of Advani. But this is politics, something happens every seconds and you don’t know what is going to happen. Today the king maker tomorrow just a worker.

When Jan Sangh was founded by Shyama Prasad Mukherjee in 1951, Professor Balraj Madhok also played a big role with them. Balraj Madhok was also the President of the Indian Jana Sangh in 1966. At the same time he also founded the BJP's alumni, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad.

 Before Lal Krishna Advani's was actively involved in politics, Prof. Madhok, the right-wing party leader was considered as the biggest leader of the Jana Sangh. 1973 Balraj Madhok presented a note in the National Executive meeting of the Jan Sangh in Kanpur. In which he spoke against the economic policy and nationalization of banks. Apart from this, the organization had also demanded to remove the Ministers and make Jana Sangh's functioning more democratic.

At that time the Jana Sangh's national president was LK Advani. Advani got angry with Madhok and forced him out of the party for three years. Balraj Madhok was so hurt by this incident that he never returned to the Jan Sangh and the BJP. While Madhok was the President of Jana Sangh, the party was at the top.

 At that time, the Jana Sangh alliance had more than 50 seats in the Lok Sabha. Today, when BJP is sidelining Advani Advaniji he should also retire. How long will he play the innings of its politics? Some time hope for the Prime Minister's post and sometimes hope for the president’s post there is no meaning, he should retire.

 Although it would not be wrong to say that former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was considered to be the face of the BJP, but behind the scenes, Advani has worked to create a party like BJP. But that period was something else. The face of BJP which has emerged in today's era is Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

 But there is no such thing, people across India knows Advani more than Ramnath Kovind. Ramnath Kovind a Rajya Sabha MP from Bihar and the Governor of Bihar has definitely lived upto the expectation, but Advani has made place in many hearts. A president of a country should be one who can be well connected to each and every people of the country. Not someone whom we have never heard off.

 But there is no doubt about Abhivani's efficient leadership ability. The thing that sidelines senior leaders in the country's politics is not new to today. There are many instances in Indian politics, where the next generation leaders have left no stone unturned to humiliate a senior leader in order to gain authority over the party or government.

To make Sonia Gandhi Congress President, then Congress President Sitaram Kesari clothers were also torned down. What happened to George Fernandes, who took Nitish Kumar to power, all know what happened to him today. The country is also aware of what happened in the end with kanshi ram. These are the old things, just recently, what happened to Mulayam Singh a few months ago, it will not be necessary to tell. In such a situation, it is better for the senior leader to take retirement from politics than to be insulted.