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Top Quotes Ganga Yamuna Sangam-Akhilesh Rahul UP elections

Lucknow – Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and President of Indian National Congress- Rahul Gandhi interacted with the media in Lucknow. Election is going to start after few days and the grand alliance promises a lot of gifts for people of Uttar Pradesh. Let’s see some of the top comments said by these two leaders today:

Rahul Gandhi - BJP rakes up Ram Mandir before every election.

Rahul - This is not an opportunistic alliance. It is a meeting of hearts.

Rahul - We believe in politics for poor people, a non-negotiable term by us. Alliance of hearts, nothing political:

Rahul - We know that Akhilesh had the right intention, that's why we want to support him

Rahul - This alliance isn't opportunistic. It will explain to PM Modi, BJP & RSS that the people of Uttar Pradesh are one & we will not let anyone create a divide.

Akhilesh Yadav - How do we give her space, her election symbol itself is an elephant. (for Mayawati )

Rahul - BJP's ideology is dangerous to people, Mayawati's ideology is not dangerous. I respect her and Kanshiram.

Rahul - History is not static, it keeps changing. He replied this on question of why Congress had alliance with BSP in history and now with SP.

Rahul - We will show the BJP that you cannot divide this country, cannot trample over people and win elections.

Rahul - Priyanka has been of tremendous help to me as I have been to her. Whether she campaigns or not is her choice, but she is an asset to the Congress.

Akhilesh - If the cycle is with the hand, and the hand is with the cycle, one cannot even conceive of the speed that can be attained.

Rahul - We want to give the youth of Uttar Pradesh a new kind of politics

Rahul - We want to put an end to the politics of anger and decided to fight it together by creating this alliance.

Rahul - I said Akhilesh is a good person, but he is not being allowed to work

Akhilesh - This alliance will answer those who made the nation stand in queues

Akhilesh - Rahul Gandhi and I know each other. It is a matter of happiness that we will now also work together

Rahul - Progress, prosperity & peace is the motto of the alliance between Congress and Samajwadi Party.

Rahul - Akhilesh Yadav and I don't just have a political relationship, but also a personal one. Our alliance will truly help Uttar Pradesh

Rahul - Throughout history, Uttar Pradesh has given a strong response to various situations in the country and outside it.

Rahul - Our alliance can be compared to the 'sangam' of Ganga and Yamuna rivers. This alliance has made the political and personal relationship between me and Akhilesh stronger.