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TUG OF WAR BETWEEN SAMAJWADI’S: Mulayam Singh puts his name plates back

UG OF WAR BETWEEN SAMAJWADI’S: The fight over to reclaim the cycle symbol in UP elections has gone in the hands of Election Commission. Yesterday Mulayam Singh Yadav visited Samajwadi Party office and put his and Shivpal Yadav name plates. On the questions asked over fight going on inside, Mulayam assured that there is no fight and everything is fine. After 10 minutes in the Party’s office, both of them left to Delhi from the Airport.

On Saturday, Akhilesh Yadav group has already submitted the documents in boxes to the election commission having the signature of the MLA’s.  Akhilesh Yadav is in no mood to back down the claim of cycle symbol. Ram Gopal Yadav has assured that they have a majority of signed affidavits of the MLA’s. He has already said that his group has support of 90% of the legislators that means around 200 MLA’s are in their side.

The fight is getting dramatic as both the sides claim of cycle symbol. Both the sides are trying to convince the EC of their majority stake for the symbol. Past one week has confused the Voters of UP as election is just a month away.   

Finally after hearing both sides its upto the EC panel to decide who has a legitimate claim over the Cycle brand. It is not going to be easy for the officials to take a decision. The younger Yadav overtakes the founder of Samajwadi party or the Vice Versa. In the upcoming days, picture will become more clear till then others will have to wait and watch.