Image Source - wikimedia - Akhilesh and Mulayam
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UP Election 2017 : Akhilesh more powerful after getting expelled from SP

Akhilesh Yadav, Ex CM – UP, Lukhnow – Yesterday, we had reported about issues related to seat allocation in Uttar Pradesh (UP) for Samajwadi Party (SP).  At the end of the day seat issue took succeeded in destroying the Baap – Beta relationship. And Mulayam Yadav, expelled Akhilesh Yadav from Samajvadi Party on 30thDecember night. Akhilesh is expelled for 6 years. Mulayam also expelled his cousin Ram Gopal Yadav for 6 years. Mulayam was angry over the seat distribution done by Akhilesh and felt that it would divide the party that he has created.

Live Updates : 

2:20 PM - Akhilesh back to his father's party. Feud over. 

1:40 PM - Akhilesh Yadav leaves from his father's home.

1:20 PM - Meeting contines at Neta jee home. Mulayam might change his decision in favour of Akhilesh

12:50 PM - Akhilesh meets with Mulayam Yadav at his residence.

12:25 PM - Party workers are fighting with each in support of Neta jee and Akhilesh.  

12:15 PM - Akhilesh yadav has left his home along with Azam Khan and might go to meet his father at his residence at 1 PM

12:00 PM - In the same time, Ram Gopal Yadav has contradicted the verdict declared by Neta jee as unconstitutional. The power show has begun today morning when more than 202 MLAs gathered at the home of Akhilesh Yadav. In the same time only 15-20 MLAs gathered at Mulayam’s home. At Akhilesh home, food arrangement have been done for 800 + people, which indicates that power test will be done today. As per the reports, Akhilesh has advised his MLAs to go to their constituency and start election campaign. Akhilesh seemed to be emotional while meeting with his party members and said to them that he is not against his father. He will win UP elections and give this as gift to Neta jee. 

A lot of things have been changing in Samajwadi Party. Ajam Khan and Beni Prasad has reached at home of Neta jee to discuss the current political crisis. It looks like, Neta jee is in the toughest phase of his life. There seems to be no support for Mulayam.