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UP polls 2017, Rajpal Yadav to contest in 390 seats out of 404

Uttar Pradesh Polls 2017, Mathura: The famous film personality Raj Pal Yadav, his new political party, Sarva Sambhav party to contest in 390 seas out of the 404 seats in the UP polls 2017 election.

It was long time and there was no much news from this small time talented actor from the Bollywood and this could be big surprise for many of his fans.

Speaking to reporters here, Rajpal Yadav said that many governments have been formed since the last 20-25 years, but not because of the will of the People, but was made because of political equations. They do not have any direct interaction with the people of state, which resulted in less priority to the development.

He said, He has come to reduce the gap between the citizen and the government,

He said that the gap between the leaders and the public have come to an end.He said regarding the formation of making the new party Sarva Sambhav, that where ever he went he had to speak their language, other political party language, there was no place to say his voice. So he floated a new party..On the question of bringing political parties under the RTI Act, Yadav said they are totally ready for it. Sarva Sambhav function is similar to an open book.

On entering politics, he said the idea was overflowing from the last 15 years but when he become philosophically and financially prepared, then thought to enter politics. He said, he have also studied politics and have done agriculture work. He knows all the problems faced by the farmers and how to fix them.

Taking a dig at the current politician’s and government, Raj Pal Yadav said, 20-25 crore can be invested parks and statue, but not for the betterment for the common people like building better roads and small necessary things can’t be done. He said the progress of UP have stopped since last 20-25 years.

On the question of not fielding on the other 13 remaining seats he said that, he has left those seats for his friends.

Looks like Rajpal Yadav Political Party, Sarva Sambhav will bring some change on the politics of Uttar Pradesh

(With Inputs from Other media, timesofindia)