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Video Phodu bhasan, Narendra Modi, Varanasi, UP

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh: PM Narendra Modi is addressed a rally in Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith in Varanasi campaigning for the last phase of the seven-phased assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh on March 8. This was the most electrifying PM Modi speech given by Modi, who arrived in the city yesterday morning, held a Massive roadshow followed by a public meeting late in the evening. The opposition criticized his yesterday's roadshow and the Congress even lodged a complaint with the Election Commission, alleging that the show of strength was made without the requisite permission.


PM Modi Started with Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Har Har Mahadev

Here are the live updates of PM Modi's speech:

  1. PM Modi started with recalling the entire top BJP leader on the stage and the people of the BJP.
  2. I do not know how to thank people of Kashi who have broken the yesterday's records of coming in the rally. This love and affection inspires me to serve people more. Modi said he is getting the strength from the people to serve the people of kashi, purbanchal, Uttar Pradesh, Hindustan.
  3. I had started a rally from Kashmir to Kanyakumari under Murali Manohar Joshi and have met all sorts of people, but I am happy to see the people of Kashi.
  4. Modi said Varanasi could have been the centre of attraction in the entire world, every people in the world must have thought at least once to come to varanas. It has been said by Mark twain Varanasi is older than the history itself, it is older than tradition and older than any saying itself. This is not only a city but a living example of a life.
  5. It is not only a city but a city of traditions and culture. Varanasi is not only of Banaras but it is for every Indian. It is in every heart and every house.
  6. I have big dreams for Varanasi. Our aim is of a Banaras that is modern yet retains its heritage.
  7. We can give the same Banaras the world wants. So many governments came and went; most of the work was done only for election. Banaras wants a major modification where the basics remain the same and modernization goes up.
  8. Modi said the major problem is the electrification and the wires being hanging  here there and everywhere. We have done one-third work, but at least two third work still being working.
  9. Modi said all the work is done based on getting the Vote bank.
  10. Our motto is sabka saath sabka vikas, but Congress, SP and BSP have different culture of politics that says kuch ka saath kuch ka vikas, Take the support of only some people and win the election. Forget about the other people. In democracy take the support of each and every people.
  11. The eastern part of India has to scale new heights of development.
  12. UP government is not letting my work show.
  13. Notes ban united other parties against me.
  14. This land of Uttar Pradesh, this part of the state is blessed with very talented people. The potential for development is immense.
  15. Had there been good and proper government, then the states could have flourished even further.
  16. Shouldn't corruption come to an end? Its been so many years since we attained freedom but a small section misused their power and position.
  17. UP government hasn't been able to utilise the funds given by centre.
  18. I want to tell all honest citizens- no one will ever trouble you. Immandar Ka Samman Hoga
  19. Earlier the question being asked would be- what money was lost (in the scams), now the question is- Modi Ji what has come back
  20. It is sad that driven by politics, some people wanted proof of surgical strikes and were asking did any Indian soldier die
  21. I have inherited nothing. Whatever I have got is from the people of Kashi
  22. We wanted to build a ring road but the state government did not cooperate and kept obstructing that. They did not cooperate.
  23. Every Indian should have his or her own home by 2022. It is sad that so many years after independence also people do not have homes.