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It is very easy to say to boycott Chinese products, however, while purchasing a product it is rare that the users think or see what is the product origin and its manufacturing country from.

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The coronavirus has led us to know our various friends and enemies in and around the country. It is well known that COVID 19 virus started from China and has now moved to all parts of the world. China approximately earns 5 lakh crore from its business in our nation and ultimately the huge some of the money is utilized in the growth of the Chinese Army.

Imagine the frustration we have if we are delayed even for a minute if someone comes in front of us in line where we are standing, or there is a delay in the supply of food or groceries near our doorstep. Imagine this much frustration we have, as we are made to sit in our homes because of china coronavirus.

It is very easy to say to boycott Chinese products, however, while purchasing a product it is rare that the users think or see what is the product origin and its manufacturing country from. Most of us at the end of the day end up buying Chinese products or Made in China products.

  1. It is practically not possible to boycott Chinese products yet it is possible. It took more than 20 years for China to build this product capability to send these products around the World. Chinese has been able to full fill each and every need of the people in India and around the world. There was a time when people used to buy Chinese products and not Indian products because it was cheap and easily available. People used to buy Dipawali lights for Rs 200 in large quantity, instead of Indian Dipawali lights for Rs 1000. It was somewhere 5 years ago. China was able to build the capacity to fulfill all the demands in over 20 years. For India to do this is a tedious job, however, it can be achieved.
  2. To achieve these things in India we need a government that can support us for small and big industry setup. It helps the individual to set up and grow the local products and make it ready for use locally first before it is moved to other parts of India. It should help this small and large scale Industry to produce more and in quality.
  3. Many countries like the US, UK, Australia are already looking for alternative options to reduce dependency on China. We need to build trust for this country and build and provide the resources they need. India is a big country with and having a Good population to provide the workforce for any country in the World. India does not have production capacity, even after the government initiative of Made in India.

Reasons for Indians buying Chinese Products

  1. The biggest reason for Indians buying Chinese products is because of our bad buying habits. It is often that we have a product in our home and we end up buying the same and similar products multiple times, like shoes, Chinese mobile phones, etc. In China, the production is more, whereas savings is also more, whereas in India we have less production and more expenses. People end up buying shoes if there shoeless has gone bad, instead of changing the shoeless.
  2. In China, people save more money and invest more, however, in India this is just vice versa.
  3. In India, people do not have the habit of taking policies and people often end up spending their life earning in Hospitals and accidents. We need to change this attitude.

What we should do

  1. Stop the usage of china made products look for every product big or small you purchase. Check and make a habit of looking for the Manufacture from the country name on the product. The boycott will start from you itself; don’t think for others to start.
  2. Use the things until they are usable and don’t buy until the product is totally dead.
  3. Avoid the purchase of new phones, until you are not sure that you need one. Now a day’s most of the Chinese Mobile phones come up with a new version and upgrade the existing mobile phones in the Indian market. Don’t buy a new phone until you are not 100% sure that you need another, especially to avoid Chinese mobile phones.
  4. Learn how to invest money, like investing money in share market, SIP, land, etc. If you don’t know how to invest your money, you will end up buying clothes and other things that you may never need or you already have multiple. Surely you can avoid your money wastage if you know how you can invest.

Boycott of Chinese Products.

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