Fact check: Is fox news banned in Australia and New Zealand


Viral Message: Rumors are doing the round over the Internet over the ban of Fox News Channel in Australia and New Zealand

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Fact Check by Ayupp Fake

Viral message example-

New Zealand and Australia have banned Fox News saying it does not fit in their democracies. They say it is propaganda. Smart countries. The U.S. is sinking fast under the Dictatorship of Trump and the Republicans in the eyes of the world.

Viral Message Verification:-  The news is quickly spreading over the Internet over the ban of Fox News Channel being banned in Australia and New Zealand after being deemed “propaganda.”

This has been widely shared among facebook and whatsapp users over enthouasim.

However there is no post in any media channels or the Fox News channel itself to support the claim.

Other ban news

  1. There has been other similar fake news of ban of Fox news, one was in canadain the year 2011for running afoul of Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CTRC) regulations prohibiting the broadcasting of “false or misleading news.”
  2. Rumors that Fox News was banned in the United Kingdom have been circulating ever since November 2017,

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