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Did St Joseph’s college distribute study materials on advantages of Dowry?

How many of youngsters support dowry system? I am sure many of you will say ‘NO’ but a prominent Bangalore-based college has given notes to his students about the merits of dowry practice. There is strong reaction on social media.

However the college says that they are investigating this matter because they do not know why some of the students were given outside the curriculum. In a statement released to the media, they said, "The matter is being investigated and we are trying to find the root of the problem. Such views have never been part of the college syllabus. Infect the department and the college are opposed to such obscurantist and oppressive patriarchal views as are contained in the page cited.

 Sociology students of BA Final Year have been given these references as reference material for reading notes.

It is said about the benefits of dowry practice, "It is generally considered to be a misdemeanor but there are many people who support it, they want to save it as their tradition or some other form.


The advantages of dowry practice in these notes are as follows:

Ugly' girls, maybe those who never marry, marry them by paying a lot of money in dowry.
Such good boys who do not want to get married, because of dowry many times they also agree to marriage.
Newly married couple can get their new home started with dowry items and money. This money helps them to face the difficult situations of life. With this help any new business can also be started.
    With the help of dowry, children of poor families who are good in studies can find opportunities for higher education.
    Due to dowry increases the status of women in the family. The woman who brings a large amount of money or dowry in dowry is treated well with her for her financial contribution. It also affects the husband's love.
    Some people believe that dowry has a better family status in society. If a family can do more dowry in the family of 'High Status', then they do their best to do it. This helps them to increase their status.
    Due to dowry, peace and unity in the family remains. Some people think that dowry practice should not be abolished, but a woman should not get a share in her father's property.

At the end of this list of the benefits of dowry, it is written, "These benefits do not mean that dowry practice is being recommended."

A woman named Ritika Ramesh posted a page of these notes on her Facebook page. He wrote, "This is the level of education in the respectable colleges of India, no student or teacher in a class of 60 people stood up against it." These notes were given to a BA student at St. Joseph's College, Shantinagar, Bangalore.

These alleged benefits of dowry soon began to be shared on social media and controversy spread over it. According to Danish Ali Syed, involved in the dispute, by writing "according to those people" in the preamble, an attempt has been made to say, "This is the mentality of supporters of dowry and facts have been told in it."

Ritika Ramesh wrote in her reply, "In such a way, the ideas of murderers, rapists, extremists should also be included in the content of the text, because what they are doing in their eyes is right."
In this matter, St. Joseph's College issued a statement saying, "The incident is being investigated and we are trying to reach the bottom of the case. Ideas are on this page, in fact colleges and departments oppose those kind of anti-progressive and patriarchal ideas. "

College spokesman Professor Kiran Jeevan told the BBC, "It is not a part of the curriculum, the list of 20 books given for references to the college website has been taken from one of those books. The book 'Social Problems' is also written by a college teacher. "

Professor Jeevan said, "The section of the deaths due to dowry is part of the curriculum and the students only have to read it. A student was asked to make copies of the sections of the deaths due to dowry, so he copied all the pages Took out’’.