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Dubai threatens to deport US Citizens – Fake

After President Trump announced ban of Muslims from 7 countries, the below messages has been circulating on social media.

Message 1:

Dubai threatens to deport all US citizens in response to Trump.
The Seven (7) affected countries have also barred their flights from routing to the US.

Twitter Message:

DT! Dubai threatening to deport us citizens in response to ban! million British citizens sign petition to stop DT from entering country!

@realDonaldTrump congratulations Mr. Trump you just made the USA public enemy #1 & now Dubai to deport US citizens in retaliation! Good job!

Our Analysis – The above messages on Facebook and Twitter is spreading a fake news with regards to United States citizen travelling to Dubai. It tells that Dubai will deport US citizens in retaliation to US President Trump’s foreign policy. As per our research there is no official communication on this matter by US government of United Arab Emirates (UAE). If Dubai takes any such step against US then it will be a big loss for both countries.

Conclusion – It’s a fake news.