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PM Modi Scholarship Free 5000 10th 12th every student FAKE

5000 Scholarship For Every Student 

eRumor made by – Internet and social media

Confirmation by Ayupp.com – FAKE

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* Free ₹5000 Scholarship For Every Student *

*Visit * http:// scholarship .govt - yojna. in


Ayupp Analysis – It is fake and spam being circulated on social media. This kind of news can be termed as news without hands and legs and still running on the street. We checked this website. On the first page the below details are required to fill –

It simply asks for basic details and then redirects to the next page –

Here it asks you to circulate this message so that it can be made viral and can be reached to maximum people. This kind of messages are created only for diverting the minds of people and particularly students. There are many students in India who genuinely need scholarship and are looking for help. These kind of sites are just making fool of themselves and playing with emotional needs of people. This kind of sites might take you to their website for the sales of their product or might install some mallwares into your computer.

A note for students – Keep in mind that nothing is available for free anywhere in the world. So, you need to prove yourself to get what you deserve. Government of India has several schemes under DST (http://www.dst.gov.in/) – Department of Science and Technology. If you are really looking for any scholarship schemes being launched by Central Government ( currently Modi government) then visit this site.

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