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What could happen if you consume eno after eating kurkure Death?

death due to eating kurkure eno antacid Chennai Boy

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A 12th student died last night after eating kurkure. Within minutes after eating kurkure, he felt uneasy and fainted. He was rushed to Malar Hospital but was declared dead on reaching there. When he complained on uneasiness, parents gave him a ENO, immediately he started vomiting n fainted. As per doctor's when these two r mixed, it becomes poisonous. Pls share with yr family n friends n spread the awareness to avoid junk foods. May God give his parents the strength as he the only son

Dear Parents 
On account of the sudden demise of our student Sirish Savio of Xll C. Today 30.11.2016 (Wednesday) will be a holiday from LKG to Std. XII. Kindly pray for the happy repose of his soul. 
Regards Principal.
St. Michaels Academy


Ayupp Analysis – If you read the article published in Times of india, then it just mentions what is heard from friends of the kid who could not survive. Its really ironical that the kid could not survive. But the bigger question here is that is it really Kurkere and eno which led to his death?

Lets check he composition of both :

Kurkure – It contains starch, oil starch, oil, saturated fats, salts and fewer food preservatives. Salt is added for taste in the same way it is added in other snacks.

Eno – It contains of bicarbonates and fruit acids which can react only if a strong reducing agent is present (metallic ions like potassium, calcium, lithium or their hydrides).

So, looking at this composition, there is no way this combination can react and cause death of the boy. There can be many theories of possibilities which could have led to this incidence.

Also read the article published in Quora- 


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