Did Ross Wilson, fled as the Taliban took control over Afghanistan

News Claim: A tweet widely shared on social media claims that Ross Wilson, the acting US ambassador to Afghanistan fled as the Taliban insurgent fought against Afghanistan and seized the control of the country

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media claims:

The acting US Ambassador to Afghanistan fled the country last weekend. Britain's ambassador is still in Kabul helping his nation's citizens get out. British diplomats are full of contempt for the lack of coordination by the US govt.


News Verification: The acting US Ambassador to Afghanistan ran away Afghanistan as mentioned in the viral post the country last weekend," says the August 16, 2021 tweet, which has been retreated more than 7,900 times and has over 23k likes.

Ross Wilson contradicted these false claims he said on Twitter, “Contrary to false reports,

@USEmbassyKabul  staff & I remain in #Kabul working hard to help 1000s of U.S. citizens and vulnerable Afghans & continuing engagement here. Our commitment to the Afghan people endures.”

If one sees the below video from 1min 59 sec onwards the truth can be seen and heard the Ross did not flee the country

News verdict: False

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