A video is going viral on social media which has been filmed on a Hindu woman and a Muslim man.

Fact-Check: A video is going viral on social media which has been filmed on a Hindu woman and a Muslim man. It is being said about the advertisement that it has promoted love jihad.A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

It is being claimed about this advertisement video that it has promoted love jihad.

The video shows a Hindu woman and a Muslim man.The ad shows how a Hindu woman falls in love with a Muslim man and then sheds her 'Hindu dress' and dons a 'Muslim dress'. The Skybags company branding is done at the end of the video.Skybags is a luggage category of VIP Industries.

The video has been shared by several users with the claim that it shows an advertisement of Skybags company, which promotes 'love jihad' in Kerala.

  News Verification: The viral video is an edited video combining two separate clips.

The first part of the video features Kerala based actress Sumi Rashik and actor Vishnu K Vijayan on the song 'Vathikkalu Vellaripravu' from Sufiyum Sujatayum (2020).

The second half of the video features a clip from the 2015 VIP and Skybags ad shot with Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan.

few days ago, VIP, the parent company of Skybags, issued a clarification regarding this edited video and said that this video is fake. Such advertisement has not been made by the company.

According to VIP Industries Chairman Dilip Piramal, the video going viral on social media platforms and microblogging sites has illegally used VIP Industries and Sky Bags brand names to malign the business and brand image of the company.Dilip Piramal had said, “VIP Industries has also filed complaints with the police in Mumbai and Kerala for improper use of sky bags.

A video claiming to be a VIP advertisement is completely fake, being circulated by the creator on social media platforms illegally using the brand names VIP Industries and Sky Bags."

News Verdict: No, the company has not created any such video. Viral video is edited.    


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