Viral Message: Like the flying phantom of the Twilight Zone, charter plane DC-4 with 57 passengers on board landed in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1992 ... 37 years after his disappearance in 1955

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Like the flying phantom of the Twilight Zone, charter plane DC-4 with 57 passengers landed in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1992 ... 37 years after his disappearance in 1955 during a flight from New York to Miami! But in less than a few minutes, as the plane took off again and the ghost disappeared into the clouds! Testimonies and taped radio communications between the pilot and the control tower are irrefutable proof that this nightmare landing aircraft still was actually.

Indications airport control service workers, who saw this incident, the same, - said Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation Ramon Estovar. But the clincher, according to Estovara, is a small calendar 1955, which gave the pilot take-off track for a few seconds before take-off and disappearance DC-4.

I saw the plane ... I heard the voice of the pilot.I even carried a calendar, but I still can not believe it, - said Juan de la Corte, who saw everything from his post on the tower flight monitoring.- These people aboard still think that now in 1955, they had landed in Florida. But this is not the case. God knows where they have been all these years.
According to de la Corte and other controllers, they realized that there was something supernatural when the airport suddenly approached propeller aircraft, which did not appear on radar screens.

We saw the plane with his own eyes, but on the radar were no signs of it, - said de la Corte.- We asked the pilot to call himself, and he radioed to us: - "Where are we?" His voice was frightened and confused, but finally, he said that charter flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of 4 people and 57 passengers on board.

The manager said that after these words of the pilot in the control room, there was silence. All were stunned. Destination Flight 914 ... Miami ... 1800 km from Caracas ...

I told the pilot: - "This is Caracas, Venezuela ... South America."Then I asked: - "You are in distress?" There was no answer, and I was cleared for the landing corridor. The landing was excellent. Just when I started to think that everything went well, I heard the pilot say to his co-pilot: - "Jesus Christ, Jimmy! What the hell is that? "They looked at the jet and behaved like a spaceship.

According to de la Corte, the pilot said he had to sit at the international airport in Miami at 9:55 a.m. on July 2, 1955.

- Then I heard him say: - "There is something wrong here."I radioed the plane: - "Captain, this is an international airport in Caracas. Today, May 21, 1992 ".He only said: - "Oh, my God!" I could hear him breathing heavily. I tried calming him down, saying it had to be sent to the ground crew.

According to de la Corte, when the ground crew and the tanker approached the plane, the pilot shouted over the radio: - "No! Do not go near! We're leaving here! "Later, ground service workers reported seeing passengers face pressed to the window. A pilot opened his cockpit window and waved to them so they were removed.

- He waved to some folder, - said de la Corte.- Apparently, it was out of it and fell calendars, which we later found out. The pilot started the engines, and the plane took off.

Heads of Civil Aviation detained all records of negotiations with the board, found the calendar, and continued to investigate the incident

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Viral Message Verification:- The story about a Pan American airline that it landed after 37 years is doing rounds on social media and being shared widely as well. However, it is not about time travel or some actual incident, but it is fake information being transferred over social media from the last couple of years.

We did not find any record of such flight 914 vanishing and later being found after 37 years. The news has been published only here and there on some random website without genuine contributors who can be trusted.

Hence, we keep this news story in the category of fake news.

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