Salman Rushdie stating 99% Muslims are terrorist by thought is fake

Fake news claim: A Fake quote attributing to Salman Rushdie stating 99% Muslims are terrorists by thought.

मुसलमान चाहे पाकिस्तानी हो या भारतीय, अनपढ़ हो या सुशिक्षित, गरीब हो या अमीर 99% मुसलमान सोच से कट्टर आतंकवादी ही होते हैं, चाहे वह भाईचारे का कितना ही दिखावा करे

Be they Pakistani or Indian, illiterate or educated, poor or rich, 99% Muslims are terrorists by thought, even if they make a show of brotherhood

Have you seen how Muslims are tweeting and how much poison in their thought? Again I m raising same question "why 99% terrorist groups are Muslims" . By spreading hates in your tweets you are instigating muslims youth to become terrorists. God will never forgive you


Facts Check Verdict: Fake Quote

News Verification: No Salman Rushdie never used the above words against the Muslims. Salman Rushdie even aware of this fake news on social media clarified in one of his tweets in 2015, stating and thanking, “@LucyGoesHard Thank you for finding the source of this fake quote that people can't seem to stop quoting to justify their own bigotry.”. This means the text quote viral in social media over the years is fake and keeps on repeating every year.

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