News Claim: An old video of a man being dragged by Police is being shared on Social media claiming, Police thrashed the man during their vehicle checking recently.

आज शनिवार को गौर थाना की पुलिस ने वाहन चेकिंग के नाम पर मचाई आतंक घसीट घसीट कर वाहन मालिक को मारा गया आज 14 तारीख यह है बस्ती जिले के गौर थाने की पुलिस पुलिस इन लोगों इन लोगों के खिलाफ तत्काल कार्यवाही होनी चाहिए


Facts Check: False

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Facts Check Analysis: The video of the man being dragged and beaten by the police is not recent and has nothing to do with vehicle checking as mentioned in the video. You can find more information on it if you search by the keyword "Basti man beaten by police".

The video is widely shared on Social media and mostly on whatsapp. The video was also posted on facebook and have gained over 5 lakh views in a short span of time. 

As can be seen in the video the police drag the man in the video all around, before taking him in the police station. 

The claim is that Police in Basti district have thrashed the man during their vehicle checking on September 14, 2019 is not true. The video incident took place in Nov 2017, it has nothing to do with the amended Motor Vehicles Act came into effect recently. 

The below YouTube supports the claim that claim that it is a old video.

Horrifying Face of UP Police: Video Cops Beating Man In Basti


As per patrika, The men in the video was in drunk state and causing trouble to other people.


Clarified this on the social media, stating the video is from 2017 and not during any Vehicle checking.

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