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Facts Check: Zometo sale fell 60 percent in ten hours?

Brief Outline: A graphic has gone viral on Facebook claiming  Zomato’s sales fell 60 percent in ten hours.

Facts Check: False

What is Viral?

Zomato’s Sales Have Dropped By 60% In 10 Hours

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Facts Check Analysis:

The facebook page viral on social media claiming that Zomato’s sales have decreased by 60% in 10 hours after users started boycotting it.

A few days ago, a man named Amit Shukla had canceled his Zamato order only because the delivery boy was a Muslim. Amit shared this with his Twitter account. After this, Zomato had written a reply to Amit's tweet that there is no religion to eat, the food itself is a religion. This response of Zomato was highly appreciated by many people on social media, while some people criticized it.

“In 10 hours only Zomato sales have dropped down by 60%. Try a bit harder, it should reach 90%. Long live Hindu unity,” the text of the graphic claims.

(Translated from Hindi – 10 घंटे में ही Zomato की बिक्री में ६०% की गिरावट. थोड़ा और ज़ोर लगाओ हिंदुओ आंकड़ा. ९०% तक जाना चाहिए. हिन्दू एकता जिंदाबाद” )


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