Barcodes that have the numbers 890 as the first three digits does not belong to India, apart from this, 690 to 699 does not mean that the product is from China.

News CLAIM: Viral message on social media claims that an 890 Prefix In A Bar Code Indicate That The Product Is Made In India.

Go local, Buy local Buy Indian Bar Code 890 - Boycott Chinese 690 to 699 Buy Dharmic Certified NOT halal-certified It should also start from the top. Note: Rashtrapathi Ji & Pradhan Mantri Ji should get into Tata or Mahindra vehicles and Boycott Merc or BMW!

How to recognize made India is very simple...see the bar code start with 890, this is our country understand this check any product like biscuits pkt ...its start with 890 bar code...same way at the time of purchasing any products check the bar code 890...this is made in India products...

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