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Elephant's mountain: Photo of real Mountain shaped like an elephant?

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News Claim: An image viral on social media showing a mountain shaped like an elephant. 

Viral News Today:   An image has been widely shared on Social media in Ethiopia alongside a claim that it shows a real mountain cliff shaped like an elephant.

The image shows a mountain cliff in the shape of an elephant overlooking a snowy valley. 

News Verification: Ayupp Fake News War Room (AFWA) has found that information shared on social media is false.., the image was digitally created by Polish artist Mirekis.

The image was digitally created by Mirekis, a Polish artist who combined three images to create the artwork.  Along with this, he has shared several of his other artworks. 

Mirekis shared this image on Instagram, “Elephant's mountain”. If you click on the picture you would get the tooltip as photoshop.

Below is the real Elephant Rock Iceland. If it was in India there would be a million temples around it by now & lots of muck in d water


News verdict: False

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