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In the viral video, a person is claiming on the basis of his research that water from a water purifier can be dangerous for health.

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News Claim: A video is going viral on social media in which it can be seen that four glasses are kept on the table in front of a person. That person puts electric wire in all the glasses one by one. If a wire is inserted in one of these glasses, the bulb does not light up and the bulb burns by inserting a wire in the other three. He claims that the glass in which the bulb does not light up when the electric wire is inserted, has RO water in it. As per the claim, the bulb did not burn due to the absence of any mineral or other element in the RO water.

News Verification: When we research, we found that the reason for burning the bulb in three types of liquid Is a bad conductor of electricity. When electrodes (positive and negative terminal of battery) are put in pure water, the bulb does not light up but the slightest presence of impurities makes water a good conductor of electricity. Therefore, water from tap, well, pond, river, sea, lake etc. can conduct electricity, Because impurity occurs due to the presence of ions in them. The viral video examining the purity of water is not a standard measure, therefore it is clear from our investigation that the claim being made in the viral video is baseless.

What are good conductors and bad conductors of electricity?

Good conductors are those materials which allow electricity to pass through them easily. Bad conductors are those materials which do not allow electricity to pass through them easily.

 News Verdict: It becomes clear from our investigation that the claim being made in the viral video is baseless.

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