Fact Check: Syrian refugees travelling to non Muslim Countries

News Claim: An image widely shared on social media showing a large number of Syrian refugees travelling to New Zealand to seek asylum.

Viral News Today: The distance from #Syria to UAE is only 2,637 kilometers, there is no natural barrier in between. Only land is land, it can be reached by walking.

The distance from Syria to New Zealand is 16,115 kilometers, there is a very big ocean in the middle...!!*

Without any aircraft or sailing, walking is impossible.

Yet, all these Muslims who call themselves war victims, helpless, helpless, completely poor refugees, go six and a half times far away from New Zealand without going to UAE.

They also get ships / boats to go, they also get ration and water on the way.

Ever wondered why and how this happens.

Just think that when there are 56 Islamic countries in the world out of 7 very rich (Gulf countries), why do any Muslim refugees go to non Islamic country instead of such Islamic country...??

′′ Muslim refugees are not a compulsion but a thoughtful conspiracy.

Understand in time otherwise they will explain themselves like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Turkey.

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News Verification: Ayupp Fake News Team has found that information shared on social media is false; none of the photos shows Syrian refugees making their way to New Zealand.

As per information available in gettyimages, “Migrants Cross Into Slovenia

RIGONCE, SLOVENIA - OCTOBER 23: Migrants are escorted through fields by police as they are walked from the village of Rigonce to Brezice refugee camp on October 23, 2015 in Rigonce,, Slovenia. Thousands of migrants marched across the border between Croatia into Slovenia as authorities intensify their efforts to attempt to cope with Europe's largest migration of people since World War II. (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)”

Embed from Getty Images 

Another image available in Reuters from the same time states, “Migrants make their way after crossing the border at Zakany, Hungary October 16, 2015. Hungary said on Friday it would close its southern border with Croatia from midnight (2200 GMT), pressing ahead with a unilateral crackdown on the flow of migrants to a Europe still divided over how to handle them. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh”

News verdict: False

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