IIT student Anti Hindu

Fake news claim: The IIT faculty member, in his complaint, has alleged that the students made anti-India and communal statements on Dec 15, 2019, during their demonstration in solidarity with the Jamia students.

Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge. Jab arz-e-Khuda ke kaabe se. Sab bhut uthwaye jayenge, Hum ahl-e-safa mardood-e-harm. Masnad pe bithaye jayenge. Sab taaj uchale jaenge. Sab takht giraye jayenge. Bas naam rahega Allah ka. Hum dekhenge


Facts Check Verdict: Not yet verified by the IIT Kanpur Panel

News Verification:  In is really bizarre that the IIT in Kanpur has set up a panel to decide whether the poem "Hum dekhenge lazim hai ki hum bhi dekhenge", penned by Faiz Ahmad Faiz, is anti-Hindu.

It was the last line of the actual urdu lines “Bas naam rahega Allah ka. Hum dekhenge” which means in English as, 'When thrones will vanish, only Allah's name will remain'. The IIT-Kanpur students refuted the allegations and termed it as propaganda.

The poem was written by Ahmad Faiz in reference to military dictator Zia-ul-Haq in 1979 and was against the military rule in Pakistan.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz MBE was a Pakistani Marxist, poet, and author in Urdu. He was one of the most celebrated writers of the Urdu language, equally revered in both Pakistan and Northern India.

Among other accolades, Faiz was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature and won the Lenin Peace Prize.

Now a panel has been set up to probe into the matter of the text used by the IIT Kanpur students in support of Jamia students, The panel will probe if the students violated prohibitory orders clamped in the city on the day of the march, whether they posted objectionable content on the social media and whether the Faiz poem is anti-Hindu.

The poem was written by Faiz in reference to military dictator Zia-ul-Haq in 1979 and was against the military rule in Pakistan. Faiz had left leanings and was an atheist. 

In an article published on the IIT-Kanpur student media portal, the students clarified what exactly happened on the day of protest and how their chant was given a 'communal and misleading' turn. 

As per our understanding, the above lines were mainly in regards to Pakistan dictator,  Though the last line of the above poem says the same meaning, it does not go against any particular religion.

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