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will artificial sweetener cause cancer

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News Claim: In a post shared on social media, it is being claimed that artificial sweetener causes cancer and hormone imbalance by bringing inflammation in the body

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A post shared on Facebook read, 'Did you know? Artificial sweeteners cause cancer and hormone imbalance by causing inflammation in the body.’ This post can be viewed by clicking here.

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News Verification: Artificial sweeteners are used in food and drink instead of sugar, as they give a sweet taste without the calories. Often these products will be advertised as low or zero sugar. We found in our research, although an excess of anything is harmful, artificial sweetener taken in proper quantity is not harmful.

As per cancer.org, Questions about artificial sweeteners and cancer arose when early studies showed that cyclamate in combination with saccharin caused bladder cancer in laboratory animals. However, results from subsequent carcinogenicity studies (studies that examine whether a substance can cause cancer) of these sweeteners have not provided clear evidence of an association with cancer in humans. Similarly, studies of other FDA-approved sweeteners have not demonstrated clear evidence of an association with cancer in humans..

Studies in laboratory rats in the early 1970s linked saccharin to bladder cancer, especially in male rats. However, mechanistic studies (studies that describe how a substance works in the body) have shown that these results only apply to rats. Prove that artificial sweeteners have side effects.

News verdict: Ayupp News has found that a viral post claiming artificial sweeteners to cause cancer has turned out to be false.  There are many cancer myths, including artificial sweeteners,

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