New Delhi: A brand new note of 1 rupee will be available in the market soon with new features and color and design. Even after the introduction of this new note, the old notes present in the market will also be valid. Apart from this, old coin of 1 rupee will also be accepted.

The Rupee one note was discontinued in 1994, as it was little more expensive to produce in comparison to the coins. However the old notes are still valid and in continuation and are legal.

How will be the New Notes

This new note of one rupee, which is to be printed by the government, will be pink green. The sketch of a rupee coin will be printed on the back of it. On this new note of one rupee, the government of India will be printed in Hindi and English in place of RBI.

The front part of the note will be faded pink and green. The number of notes on the right side of this new note will be printed in black. There will be a printed year 2017 on the back of the note. In addition, a rupee coin will also be represented in it.

Who Issues 1 Rupee Note:

The notes of one rupee are signed by the Secretary of Economic Affairs. While all other notes are signed by RBI governor. The new note on this one rupee sign will be signed in Hindi and English.

Low cost of printing of notes

Due to the use of high technology in the printing of the notes, the cost reduction has been noticed. Keeping this in mind, the central bank is considering re-printing.

At present, coins of one rupee are collected in the country. For information, let us know that almost 22 years ago, the Reserve Bank had stopped printing a rupee note. The new notes will be equipped with more security features.

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