World health Organization – As per the details published on WHO official site, smoking 1 pack of cigarette on a daily basis can have some drastic health benefits and one can lead healthy life. The average life of human can increase by almost 10 years.

WHO confirmed that, in past there were a lot of rumours were spread that Smoking cigarette is injurious to health. It said it is a myth and people should be educated about the benefits of smoking.

The report informs that there is presence of nicotine in a single cigarette and when it is burned in the form of smoke it yields almost 2 mg of absorbed nicotine. When a complete pack is consumed almost 50-100 mg, it can have some strong health benefits.

As per new research, this absorbed nicotine helps in curing several diseases and increasing immune system drastically. The nicotine which enter the lungs in the form of smoke helps to eradicate bacteria residing on the lungs and cleanses the blood.

It has also been observed that smoking cigarette helps in boosting memory power and often helps to get solution for some critical problems instantly. Brain cells are idle in nature and needs some simulator to function. Nicotine helps activating idle brain cells and make them work with full efficiency. Hence helps in improving efficiency of individuals as well.

For authenticity of this news, please check the dated on which this news was published J

Jokes apart - Quit smoking and lead happy life.




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