New Delhi: Everyone is talking differently about GST, many believe it it is going to bring a vast change in the Indian economy, in the way it functions. There are many who are also So that people are also disturbed. Thinking what would be expensive and what would be cheaper? Everyone wants to know. It looks like GST is coming like a villain in the lives of many people as well. By which people are already nervous. But that is not so. There is no need to panic with GST. Rather it will bring a lot of positive change in your life. Not only will jobs increase, but it will be easier to do business as well.

Goods and service tax (GST) will be applicable from July 1, 2017. The President will launch it at midnight on June 30. Before GST, there are many such reports that prices of many things will increase. That is why people are upset. But let us tell you that many good things will also happen with its arrival. This will benefit the common man.

Positive effects of GST, Over 1 lakh new jobs will be created

with the implementation of GST; over one lakh new jobs will be created in the country. Experts believe that GST will be beneficial for new jobs. New jobs will be created in many sectors of the country. These will be very important for people in the field of tax, accounting and data analysis.

Let's assume that jobs are going to rain after GST arrives. Let us tell you there can be more jobs after the GST is implemented in the job sector, there will be an increase of 13%.  

Transparency will increase by coming to GST

Experts believe that after GST arrives, the purchase and delivery of things will increase. It will be easy to get an idea of ​​cash flow and transparency will increase as well. By which the profits will increase and if this happens then the fixed jobs will increase and the benefit of the common people will be beneficial.

Many more benefits

With the introduction of GST, tax evasion will not be easy, supply will be better, online transactions will increase and increase the scope of tax payers, GDP will increase by 2%, all the goods will be available in all the states at the same rates. Its positive impact will be on business.

This will enable foreign investors and companies to do business in India easily. Overall, people are tensioned about GST while GST is coming out with new scope for the people. Hope everyone benefits from GST and jobs for unemployed people.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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