Missing Gandhi, Farmers dispensed Rs 2000 notes without Gandhi’s image on them

Madhya Pradesh, Sheopur District: As per reports from the ANI two farmers from Madhya Pradesh, Sheopur relieved notes with mahatama Gandhi missing from them. This notes were issued to them from the State Bank of India branch Sheopur.

Laxman Meena, a farmer in Sheopur district, received three notes of Rs 2000 from some bank branch, when he withdrew 6,000 rupees.

Later when the farmers went to the SBI branch thinking the notes were fake but he were told that the notes were authentic but there was a printing error. It was a great relief to the farmer. He later deposited the money to his account.
RK Jain in the interview to the ANI said that the notes were not fake.

The farmer who received this said he did not find anything wrong until he saw another person having Rs 2000 note. It was only when another farmer who had similar notes told him about the error that both of them decided to approach the bank.

Questions are being raised if RBI has issued two different notes especially in the social media.

As per reports, these faulty notes were printed at Bank Note Press in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

 Mr Meena's notes have been replaced by the bank since. However another customer in the area have also reported the same problem.

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